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We are a well reputed firm that mostly dedictated to providing only the highest quality of service. We treat our clients as the basis assets of our firm. We provides ;

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KERALA HOMES, from its incorporation in 1988 has grown and developed under the direction of Founder and Managing Director, P.K.ABDUL LATHIF, to become an established and recognised company in all sectors of the building industry. 50+ Projects completed over the past 25 years, ranging in value from 25 lakhs to 1 million.
KERALA HOMES is the ideal choice for your building projects. Armed with a total work force of 40 including managers, engineers, foremen, skilled & unskilled workers, we are quality conscious and focusing on improving and maintain it. In safety aspects, we can maintain the standards. We have special arrangements with some of the reputed manpower suppliers in Cochin for the supply of skilled and unskilled work force in case of an emergency requirement. We currently undertakes private building construction and maintenance project and to complete them in a timely manner with quality consciousness and to the entire satisfaction of the clients. We have qualified and specialized team of technicians to administer the works. We have since our inception a number of offers in various fields like large houses, villas, apartments, shopping centers and distinguished companies in Kerala.
KERALA HOMES has a breadth of experience encompassing all sectors of the industry, Residential industrial and commercial buildings, building refurbishment etc.Our organization comprises of highly experienced engineers, management and work force with interest in construction, maintenance jobs, mechanical and general services & trading. Our construction & maintenance division and marketing force is large enough to handle any major challenge and is built up with high morale and confidence. Contracts have been undertaken successfully all over. Over the year the skills and management base of the company has grown and developed and our team of staff and managers has an enthusiasm, competence, and commitment unequalled in the industry. Competitive tendering, professional management, quality construction, an excellent safety record, a proven ability to meet exacting programmes, and our co-operative and proactive approach, have ensured the satisfaction of design team and clients in both the public and private sectors.
We believe the foundation to our success lies in a commitment to understanding and meeting our clients’ requirements for safety, workmanship, on-time delivery value for money.

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I am pleased with Kerala home's quality & on-time delivery. The serene location is perfect for a retired person like me.
am happy to say that i surely recommend Kerala Homes to my Peer groups and friends

am fully satisfied